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Art Galleries In Fort Worth

You have to admit it: you never considered the idea of visiting Fort Worth. What if we tell you that you are missing more than you can imagine? Yes, it is true that Fort Worth is mostly known as a ‘’cowboy’’ city but you will be impressed with its downtown, which is a very modern area packed with nice restaurants, shops and all sorts of both indoor and outdoor activities, its museum district and with the fact that you will be surrounded by art everywhere. Speaking about art, here are some art galleries in Fort Worth which deserve your entire attention.

1.Milan Gallery- With more than 24 years of experience on the market, the Milan Gallery will present you around 200 pieces belonging to over 40 artists. The artists are from the United States, as well as from abroad and their works are simply amazing.

2. Artspace 111- This gallery is an especially interesting one. Having more than 35 years of experience, the gallery manages to successfully connect talented, local artists with fans and patrons. The work that this art gallery does for this industry is truly unique and it deserves all the attention that it can get.

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